Walking the Walk in our “Social landscape”.

We live in a time where everything is just a click away! Text messaging, Amazon, Netflix, ordered in meal plans, dry cleaning pickup, the list goes on forever. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about technology helping us live more efficient lives, but it looks as though some people are passively allowing everything to become automated! Including the things that really matter, like human connections and experiences! 

Is this where the future of technology looks to take us? A “perfect”, virtual world? Where do our souls end up after all this automation? Where does our virtual “social media avatars”, and the real world meet? How do we find meaning in our lives when our illusions are not lining up with reality? I thought technology was supposed to bring us closer, not separate us even more? I can barely get some of my friends on a phone call these days! Where in the world is humanity going? 

I think walking the walk of being a human being is getting more difficult by the day. Making real connections and having meaningful in person conversations looks like a fleeting afterthought for most. We must become more aware of how we can utilize technology for our benefit and not our demise! The truth is that real success and fulfillment take dedication, in a world where instant gratification is the norm we must first remember who we are. 

We are not machines! I believe we are deeply feeling, spiritually connected souls who have a mission here. That mission being to expand our consciousness and embrace love and connection first for ourselves, and then for our fellow human beings. We are here to be beacons of light and inspiration for those who have lost sight of it. We are here to remind people that there are never just two choices in life. With perspective there are always at least three options when facing any decision small or large. Often times the third choice is to do something entirely different with your time and energy! That might scare some people, and that’s ok. A new life begins with a new perspective and a new decision.

Someone might say, “where do I start’? Good question! I would say, the “world has no shortage of problems”. The original purpose of business is ultimately to solve these problems. We need to look inward and ask ourselves what’s meaningful to us? Then ask ourselves, who are the current people who are “doing it”, in the field and what will it take for me to get on the playing field? How can I push the boundaries of what’s possible with new creative thinking and a fresh perspective? Leaders ask a better question! Better questions always eventually lead to better answers. 

Accepting and seeing where you are “now”, is critical. If you have been through a lot and you feel that it’s impossible to move forward there is help out there! Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Getting vulnerable with yourself and others will be the greatest gift you can give humanity. Give up the perfection game and share what’s authentically happening in your life! You will inspire everyone around you to do the same. No one is coming to save us except ourselves, there is immense support out there. Ask for it!

Put your whole self into mastering your chosen craft/skill set. Make sure that it is not chosen because it sounds good, but because it moves you emotionally! It forces you to reach for the stars in a way you would have only dreamed of! Stop worrying about your Instagram followers. They will be there when the time is right if your work is authentic and beneficial to humanity.  What you focus on is what you get, mastering yourself is about the journey, not the destination. It takes one step in a new direction to get there, followed by the other foot!

By Rylan Brown

Photograph by Inna Shnayder