Rylan’s intense passion for delicious food is at the forefront of his mission to help people thrive in their lives.

This passion has driven his work as a health coach and private chef for the last six years in New York City.

Growing up in a family that looked at food through the lens of Eastern Medicine means that Rylan’s training started long before he stepped into a classroom. Because of this, his understanding of the importance of our connection to the earth through what’s on our plate has shaped his views on achieving ultimate wellness.


Over the last several years, Rylan has been influenced by expert mentors. Learning how to clinically measure an individual's current unique metabolic needs through laboratory assessments has been the most powerful tool he has acquired. He understands how our environment outside of food and exercise also affects us and has an immense impact beyond most people’s awareness.

In the words of one of Rylan’s mentors, Dr. Anthony G. Beck:

“Nature is the litmus. When we re-align ourselves with her, incredible things happen.”