Separating truth from the noise and confusion. The current state of the “wellness world”.

Vegetarian, Keto, Vegan, Plant Paradox, Fod Map, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Mediterranean, Flexitarian, Nordic, Primal, Paleo, Adkins, Weight Watchers, Eat Right for your Blood Type, Whole 30, Zone, Low lectin, Bulletproof, South Beach, ahhhhhh is your head spinning yet? Hold on there’s more, turmeric takes care of everything! No CBD does that! but what about my chia seeds? Can I get some chia seeds in my smoothie? Wait, chia seeds are full of lectins? What are lectins? Ok, no chia seeds. What about kale, is kale ok? Never raw? Goitrogens, huh? So I can only have cooked kale? Oh a little raw is ok but not too much? 

It’s painful for me to even write this, but this is the noise and confusion that is the current state of the wellness world. I have had to remove myself from many a coffee shop here in New York to save my ears from another one of these conversations. So what is Freedom Thru Food and who’s this guy Rylan? Who does he think he is?

My story story starts with being raised by parents that studied food through the lens of eastern medicine. From a young age I learned that there was a much bigger picture when it came to what was on my plate. That I was connected to the environment around me through my daily  choices. I also learned that what came from nature, or if I modeled what might possibly come from nature, I felt best in the given season and location that I was in. I also learned that there was a balance of foods within a single day’s meals that would make me feel best in accordance with this bigger picture awareness. 

Fast forward 20 years and I am working as a health coach and private chef helping people find the ideal diet for them; but something was still missing, I didn’t have the precision to identify peoples starting point. What did they actually need now in terms of food to take them to the next level, what had they gotten themselves into with their choices in the past? What were their specific deficiencies and excesses from a clinical perspective? 

This was several years ago. Shortly after I met an incredible mentor who showed me how to do laboratory assessments with people to get the full perspective of where they were now, reading labs in a way that most health care clinicians are not aware of. Suddenly I understood why the Vegetarian, FOD Map or Bulletproof Diet hadn't been working for them! It was a huge relief! It took Freedom Thru Food from an awareness about reconnecting to nature through what’s on your plate, and transformed it into a comprehensive system of seeing people exactly where they are. Showing them how the food and environment in which they consumed it has affected them in the past, and a clear roadmap to ultimate wellness in the future. All while using nature as the litmus.

The single biggest problem with all the diets ever created are one thing! They’re not taking you into account! So next time you're looking for a clinician, a coach, or a guru of sorts. Ask yourself this? What are they doing to understand me? Are they capable of actually measuring what’s happening in my unique internal and external environment? The future of wellness is here! People will no longer put up with one size fits all marketing ploys. Quantifying the self internally and externally is here to stay. 

So who are you working with? Do they have the tools to take you to there? More importantly, do they really care? or are they playing life to a tune that worked fantastically for them, nothing wrong with that, but is it right for you? 

By Rylan Brown