Biology Always Precedes Psychology

I have immersed myself into the self help community over the past 4 years, discovering incredible support that has created enormous breakthroughs in my life. During and after many of the seminars however I had this eerie feeling that something was missing. I was reminded of what I learned from a young age from the mentors of my mother. That “biology precedes psychology”, and ultimately the environment around us creates that biology. No matter what we want in our lives, if the right materials aren’t available in our body, it won’t last. 

From an Eastern Medicine perspective the first two things a practitioner will look at are a person’s current “condition,” the environmental influences they are exposed to right now. The second being the person’s “constitution”, the environment that the person was born into, the very building blocks of life that created their mind and body. 

We are built from the elements of the earth! The combination of those elements and the condition of the environment around us is what creates our health or our “dis-ease”. I’ve had a relationship with food in my life thats led me to know when I am not nourishing myself properly, in accordance to the season and place I am living, my psychology falters dramatically! I feel ungrounded, unstable, and disconnected. 

At several seminars I have found myself standing in these rooms full of people incanting with their entire physiologies their true desires and emotions. Bells started going off in my head from my recent studies into the chemistry of what makes our bodies function. I came across an incredible book and man’s work that looked into which specific minerals of the earth need to be in the correct balance in order for us to feel certain emotions. 

The specific seminar that I was attending has a lot of repeat guests. What if these people knew that the work they were doing was the true and right work! Not realizing that the link missing are these fundamental elements (I mean the ones on the periodic table) that create the emotions we desire to feel most often in their lives? Where do we get the fundamental elements of the earth most prominently? They come from the type of water we drink, air we breath, and food we eat on a daily basis. Food is not just fuel! It’s the very source of the materials that make everything possible in our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Our relationship to it, and the environment in which we consume it, means everything when it comes to the quality of our lives. 

Did you know that it’s very difficult to feel empathy and love without the proper balance of manganese in the body? Did you know that only specific herbs, animal foods, nuts and vegetables have manganese in a large enough proportion to make the impact your physiology requires? It’s time close the circle of understanding. It’s time to connect mind body and spirit with the true sources of wellness! Let’s break free from the circle of repeating the same things over and over again and expecting a different result! You can’t build a house on an unstable foundation; even if that house is made from the highest quality materials on the planet. Now is the time for you to take command of your environment! To plant your foundations deep into the bedrock of what has been there all along to nourish you! The elements of the earth.