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We live in a time with more access to information and opportunity than ever before. So what’s the problem? While we have seemingly unlimited access to information, there’s little guidance when it comes to using, applying, and implementing it all in our own lives.

Freedom Thru Food is a system to empower you to become the navigator of your own wellness. You are unique, and the things that work for your friends or family members may be harmful to you.

It’s vital to take the time to understand what’s happening in your internal and external environment, and how these environments you’re exposed to everyday are influencing your health.

Almost all of the popular diets and fads promoting weight loss and health are missing insight into the most important key to your wellbeing. What’s going on specifically in YOU!

There is no one perfect diet for everyone. Your environment plays a much bigger role than most people think. The key to creating a diet that is perfect specifically to you resides in understanding these specific things:

  • The air, water, light, sound, and foods you’re exposed to every day are creating a symphony of either health or disease in your body. Each of these things play a unique role and influence what your body needs to achieve and maintain health.

  • The environment in terms of season and geographic location have a profound influence upon what your body needs and what’s healthy for you.

“When we re-align ourselves with nature, incredible things are possible”-Dr. Anthony G. Beck

For your unique metabolic system, Freedom Thru Food gives you the keys to understanding what, when, how much, and in what combination of food you should be eating. Now is the time to break free and take command of your health and bring your wellbeing to the heights that you dream of!


About Rylan Brown

Rylan’s intense passion for delicious food is at the forefront of his mission to help people thrive in their lives. This passion has driven his work as a health coach and private chef for the last six years in New York City.

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Growing up in a family that looked at food through the lens of Eastern Medicine means that Rylan’s training started long before he stepped into a classroom. Because of this, his understanding of our connection to the earth through what’s on our plate has shaped his view on achieving ultimate wellness.

Over the last year and a half, Rylan has been influenced by expert mentors. Learning how to clinically measure an individual's current unique metabolic needs through laboratory assessments has been the most powerful tool he has acquired. He now understands how our environment outside of food and exercise also affects us and has an immense impact beyond most people’s awareness.

In the words of one of Rylan’s mentors, Dr. Anthony G. Beck:

“Nature is the litmus. When we re-align ourselves with her, incredible things happen.”

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Separate yourself from all the noise and confusion by learning how to measure yourself and your environment, all while rekindling the love, joy, and freedom that comes with eating amazing and delicious food!

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Over a short period of time, Rylan shares lab and nutrition assessments with his clients, revealing the consequences of their past and current dietary practices, as well as how the rest of their environment is involved in creating, “where they are now.”

He then future paces his clients, showing them how their current environment is influencing them, helping them to improve their understanding of the true sources of wellness.

Understanding the effects of how we breathe, the water we drink, the type of light we expose ourselves to and their direct link to our circadian rhythm and the production of various hormones are just a few things Rylan makes easy to understand for his clients.

Many clinicians do not take into account the effects of electromagnetic exposure on our health, especially in this digital age in which the electromagnetic environment has become so saturated. Rylan demystifies our electrical environment and provides clients with simple, easy-to-implement solutions to help them separate themselves and their families from the abundance of misinformation in the marketplace.


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